Frequently Asked Questions

Is my home suitable?

There is no ideal property however location does make a difference. There is a correlation between demand and proximity to key locations, such as the city centre, universities or the AIS. Properties with unique features, such as water views or multiple bathrooms, also perform well.

What is the average stay of an Airbnb guest in Canberra?

2.8 nights.

What is the occupancy rate of our listings?

With our help, your home is likely to be occupied an average of 6.2 nights per week, or 88 percent of the time – based on data from our Canberra listings, June to November 2018.

How much will I earn from Airbnb?

Revenue varies depending on desirability factors such as location and uniqueness. A central one bedroom/bathroom/car-space apartment may yield between $85-$170 per night. A higher number of bedrooms or bathrooms typically generates more revenue.

What are your fees?

We charge 20% of the net rental income (22% including GST). By comparison, Canberra real estate agents charge up to 13.3% for standard real estate services.

What is the commitment period?

We require a minimum seven month commitment. A contract may be terminated early by mutual agreement on a date after the completion all outstanding bookings.

Can I use my home even though it’s managed by Canbnb?

Yes of course! Contact our 24/7 staff to block-out any unbooked days at your property for you or your friends. There is no nightly charge, only the standard cleaning fee at the end of your stay.

Is my property insured?

The vast majority guests will treat your home with great respect and leave it as clean as they when they arrived. Airbnb’s Host Protection Insurance program provides protection against third party (guest) claims of property damage or bodily injury up to $1 million USD. Airbnb has made the claims process easy for us to resolve on your behalf through their Resolution Centre. We recommend owners retain home and contents insurance policies in addition to the Airbnb Host Protection policy.

How can I prepare to list on Airbnb?

We’ll send you information to help you prepare. You can help avoid delays by contacting us more than 21 days in advance of your preferred listing date. It also helps to ensure the property is in good repair and all excess items are removed. It is also important to retain an active internet connection.

Is Airbnb legal in Canberra?

Yes. Real estate agents often try to scare people into using their management services by misrepresenting the short-stay legislation in Canberra. The ACT government has not implemented any restrictions on Airbnb and supports new businesses like ours.

Will you manage sublet properties?

No. We only deal directly with the property’s owner.

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