About Us

We are a Canberra based small business that helps homeowners profit from the online accommodation market. We provide the best possible guest experience to maximise your returns.

Canbnb has disrupted traditional property management services and empowered owners to achieve outstanding returns without giving up access to their homes. More than 170 property owners are enjoying Airbnb Management in the sharing community offering incredible experiences to people from around the world.

Our Story

Canbnb was created in Canberra in early 2017 when Grant, our first client, started his PhD at ANU while still living and working on the Gold Coast. Grant bought a small apartment in Canberra to use during his periods of research, for two months at a time.

Once he realised the apartment would be empty for half the year, Grant began to look for an alternative to long-term tenants. He stumbled upon Dan who was looking for an opportunity to start a business in the sharing economy through Airbnb Management after working in the Australian military for more than 15 years.

Dan created Canbnb Airbnb Management to help Grant and many others maximise their property returns through Airbnb.

Our Team

Founder & CEO

Dan is the founder and driving force behind Canbnb. He likes to run operations with military efficiency and is always striving to make guests and owners happy.

Chief of Operations & Business Development

Sarah coordinates all operational aspects of the business and looks for new opportunities for our team to expand into new regions.

Communications & Customer Service Officer

Jo oversees day-to-day virtual operations to ensure processes are updated and well communicated.

Human Resources & Finance Officer

Julie is the mainstay of our human resources and finance department. She provides support to the whole team and is a backup to our operations managers.

Operations Officer

Ron is responsible for on-ground issues and is crucial in resolving problems. He responsibly deals with any issue that is thrown to him and ensures the operations team are performing at their best.

Sales & Client Satisfaction Officer

Alicia is our newest member. She manages client meetings, interactions, onboarding and integration. Our goal is to ensure our clients have an excellent experience and remain informed at all times.

Marketing & Interior Design Manager

Pabla can quickly turn your empty apartment into a short-stay home, while managing all purchasing, delivery, assembly and finishing touches.

Cleaning Coordinator

Nearida is our star cleaning trainer and scheduler, supporting operations by performing regular audits, reporting issues and supervising staff.

Jossah, Janz, Ryan, Henzy, Dana, Reena, Jai, Donner, Niña, Anne, Sam, Maddi
Guest Services & Administration Team

Our communications team provide all hours messaging to guests, coordinate cleaners and respond quickly to property owner queries. They work tirelessly to anticipate the needs of guests day and night.

Maintenance Supervisor

Russell is key to resolving any maintenance concerns, pronto! He’s our man on the ground and can always be relied upon.

Looking to join our team?

We’re always looking for enthusiastic and positive people.

Operations Coordinator

Yuda is a driver of efficiency in the store room and is responsible for support to onboarding, stock ordering and auditing, resolving on-ground issues and providing a key link between the cleaning team and the operations team.


We work closely with Canberra based professional photographer Steven Lloyd, to ensure your home is looking its best.

Our Future

We are seeking to expand steadily with priority consideration for the interests of our guests and clients. Our pathway to growth is founded in efficiency and process capture, supported by committed and passionate staff.

We will be the most reputable short-term accommodation manager in Australia. This vision will be achieved by maximising returns to clients, ensuring maximum occupancy, achieving client and guest satisfaction, having a respectful and mutually supportive team, streamlining processes and communication, and modernising or simplifying systems whenever possible.

Canbnb will always employ local managers who know the area around your property. We’re proud to be based in Canberra.

We are Canberra
  • We love this city – and are here on the streets to personally represent our clients.
  • We love digital – and streamline operations to ensure a smooth transition of guests.
  • We love property – and want each listing to succeed. We are here to stay – and prioritise strong slow growth over profit.


Why not meet with us in person to discuss our services and calculate what your property might earn.